Dealing With The Loss Of My Pet

Losing a pet is like losing a family member; it is very hard to deal with especially if they have been a part of your life for a long time. There are no real set ways to deal with this loss. Losing your pet it is heart wrenching, sad, depressing and deeply hurtful. It takes a long time to mourn. Everyone needs to find their own way to cope with these feelings.

As a child losing a pet is the hardest thing that they can go through other than losing a close family member or friend. Most have been growing up with their pet and have close bonds. They are true companions, friends and even confidents. They have shared a lot of fun for together and made great memories.

I am a 17-year-old boy and I recently lost my dog Tucker who was 20 years old. He had been around my whole life and the thought that he might someday die never really crossed my mind. We shared so many great times together, swimming in the pool, going for rides, playing with his toys and cuddling.

He had been sick for a few months because of the complications of old age. But still doing well enough. He was a fighter and wasn’t ready to leave us. However, one day he became very sick and he couldn’t eat. That went into two days; he looked so sad and sick. We had to put him down it was one of the hardest things I could bare. I stayed in the room with him and so did my brother and father. Our mother was very close to Tucker and she could not stand to be there. All our hearts were breaking.

The way I dealt with the pain was I took a long drive and reflected on the good times that I had with him. After the drive I came home and went up to my room and stared at the ceiling, I just wanted t to be alone and think. A lot of things changed after his passing, it just wasn’t the same, and it never will be.

With the support of my friends and family they helped me to realize that he is in a better place and I will see him when it is my time. Just the other day I thought I saw him lying on my mother’s bed and I went in to pat him. This is going to be a long hard journey, but each day it gets a little easier. And I will always have our memories.

My suggestion for people to help deal with the loss of their pet would be to listen to calming music and reflect on the good times that they had with their pet and think of special moments you shared together. Another way could be to get a new pet. Some people feel that they need to fill the void left and it gives them something else to start loving and take their mind off of their beloved pet. For me that was not an option. Another good way is to find a close friend or a relative that you have known for a while and just talk to them because they will be there to comfort you. And they can share in your stories and memories and even writing memorials.

A Pet Tribute Card

Creating a pet tribute card is rather easy. Using a pet memorial card template makes it even easier! These offer a medium to pay tribute to you pet in a card form where their photo can be displayed and some sentimental words of remembrance. They are wonderful because it is something you can cherish forever. Then you can share them with others and through the years, you can reflect on your beloved pet.

The templates for this memorial lets you place your favorite words and then inserting a dear photo. You can also embellish it with other clipart of illustrations if you wish but most templates already have the design pretty well in tact and really don’t need a lot of things added to it.

The cards are small or pocket size which makes it very transportable. You can also laminate if desired and place in a scrapbook or just display on a table or dresser. Pets are special to us and many people want a way to preserve the memory of their pet in some form. This makes for a great outlet and has multi function purposes.

It also helps in the grieving process because it can be a form of healing. Seeing your favorite pet memorialized is dear to the heart of a pet owner. Pet card templates are often downloadable from various web resources, so you will be able to get them right away. You will need to make sure you have an electronic version of the photo you want to use ready to insert it into the template.

Pet Memorials and Your Choices

Preserving the memory of a loving animal friend is as important as remembering that of a human. Paying tribute to the time you shared and your life together is an act that shows respect and appreciation for the love given so freely throughout the pet’s lifetime. The question is what is the best way to show these feelings? Fortunately, those who work in the field today realize the emotions involved in this tremendous loss and have worked to make the choice easier. One will find sympathy and understanding and a desire to help from those involved in handling this situation. Pet memorials and Your choices can vary in many ways.

Depending on the choice of where to place the remains there are many options. Cremation is a popular choice as it is done with dignity and respect as well as allows a person to make many choices as to how to handle the cremains. If cremation is the option chosen, memory of your loving friend can be preserved with such things as pet urns, pet cremation jewelry, and pet cremation memorials. Pet urns come in many different shapes, sizes, and colors. They are made of a variety of materials such as glass, wood, metal and porcelain. They can be laser engraved with the pet’s picture, sayings, or other messages depending on the size of the urn. The urns are designed by experienced artists to denote the love and devotion given by the pet and are a lasting memorial to the one missing, but not forgotten. Jewelry is available in pendants, bracelets and pins. This jewelry is beautifully designed to be worn with any attire and keeps the memory of your pet close to your heart.

Pet memorials and Your choices come in other forms, as well. Pet Cremation Memorials are designed to hold your pet’s ashes with memorial words and have a plaque on top. These words usually denote the name of the pet, the date of passing and an appropriate saying such as “Princess, a devoted friend” or whatever is desired, showing your loving memories of the times you spent together. The Pet Cremation Memorials are containers which come in various sizes and contain the cremains. The top is engraved with the pet’s name and whatever tribute you wish to make in its memory.

If the type of pet memorials and Your choices is direct burial in a pet cemetery there are many pet cemeteries in existence today. These cemeteries offer a beautiful and complete memorial service. Beautiful caskets are obtainable on the internet or through the cemetery and come in various styles and sizes. Many styles of headstones and grave markers are available to mark the resting place of this loving friend.

Other choices available to memorialize your beloved pet and give tribute to the many hours of enjoyment shared together are pet garden memorials, ceramic pictures and other items. When the final choice is made one can know that honor has been given to one who truly deserves it.