A Pet Memorial Tribute

Pets are more than just animals we take into our homes to entertain or amuse us. They eventually become a part of the family and also demand and need love, understanding, care, security and dedication from us although not in the same degree that us humans do. However, just as it is with humans, there comes a time when pets succumb to death. The cause can be natural or accidental and the sad truth is, no amount of pampering can exclude and save pets from death.

Since an unlikely bond is almost always forged between pet and owner, it’s only right for the pet owner to grieve the loss of his pet. As much as possible, a pet owner would want to accord due honor to the pet who have stuck with him through thick and thin, even proving to be more loyal than most friends.

There are groups which understand the pain a pet owner goes through hence, the concept of pet memorials was started. The idea behind a pet memorial is so that a pet owner can have something tangible to hold on to that would remind him of his many wonderful memories with his pet.

Pet memorials require a lot of planning. This includes deciding whether the pet will be given a proper burial, complete with eulogies and all in a pet cemetery, or just involve erecting a marker in a place which holds special meaning to both pet and pet owner. The marker can be inscribed with the pet’s name, his birth and death dates, as well as the name of his owner.

There are many forms of pet memorials but if you belong to the class which loves supporting causes, then you might also consider donating money, I to a cause that supports animal rights.