Giveaway Ideas Worth the Investment

The goal of any giveaway should be to create brand awareness. Promotional freebies help customers remember a business over its competition. But not all giveaway ideas are worth the investment.

Most people would appreciate something free, but it doesn’t mean that a giveaway will produce the results that a company is seeking. The gift should meet two criteria to be effective.

  • Provide value
  • Won’t be tossed away immediately

Here are a few examples of giveaway ideas that meet these criteria.

  • Car Emergency First Aid Kit

    A first aid kit for the car is practical and needed in the case of an emergency. Also, it sends the message that the business cares.

  • USB Travel Adapter

    People travel for business all the time and having a travel adapter that is USB is useful and convenient.

  • Pop up Dog Bowl

    Compact, durable and ready when it’s needed is what a portable dog bowl offers. A gift this specific is especially a great giveaway if the business caters to animal lovers.

  • Dog Bag Dispenser

    A dog poop bag dispenser is another example that is specific and offers value.

  • Cell Phone Charging Pad

    Anyone with a cell phone needs a way to charge it. A charging pad with the company’s info is a great promotional giveaway.

  • Solar Powered Charger

    Along the same lines as the charging pad but this charger is solar powered. It can be affixed to a car window so that it’s always charging,

  • Portable Desk Fan

    LED portable desk fans are useful because they can help a person stay cool. But what makes them unique is that an LED promotional message can be programmed to delay on the rotating blades.

Here are some more ideas that could help promote brand awareness. Consider providing something that attendees might forget to bring, such as notepads to take notes or folders to collect papers with necessary information. Both of these items have space for a business’ company information.

It is a good idea to know the customer base when giving out something for free. A little forethought will go a long way. Thinking about how the free item will provide value and brand awareness should remain at the forefront of all marketing campaigns.