Work on Proper Search Engine Optimization With a Brisbane SEO Company

On average, there are around 63,000 searches done on Google per second. While this sounds like quite a lot, the reality is that Google has become so integrated into most peoples’ lives that they turn to Google when they need to know almost anything. When they’re looking for something to buy, this is likely where they’ll start the search for the right product.

Local Versus Global Searches

Local searches are ones that include the name of a specific location. Global searches, on the other hand, are searches done without a particular location in mind. When someone is looking for something near them, they’ll often include their location so they can find products locally. Business owners can use this to their advantage by making sure their website is optimized for local searches. It’s also generally easier to rank higher for local searches than global searches.

Alternative Search Methods

Today, typing in a search term isn’t the only way to search for something through Google and other search engines. With the soaring popularity of automated voice assistants, many people are simply saying “Okay Google” and then talking to Google to search for something. Sites can be optimized for this as well to ensure they show up when a person does a voice search or searches using other alternative methods.

Keywords or Search Phrases?

When search engines were first created, the search functions were very basic. Searchers needed to input a keyword or two so they could get the results they were looking for. They needed to be as specific as possible to ensure they could find what they needed. Now, the search engines are much more complex and are able to handle searches that are more complex as well. Instead of only one or two words, people can search for entire phrases. Websites should be optimized for search phrases the potential customers might use, not just keywords, to rank highly for as many variations as possible.

If your website isn’t optimized, you’re missing out. Thousands of customers could be looking for the products or services you offer, but they will go to a competitor when they can’t find you. Reach out to them through the search engines today by contacting a Brisbane SEO Company for help.