Top Reasons Why Dogs Need a Daily Dose of Vitamin D

Your dog is a valued family member and a beloved companion. Finding ways to boost your furry friend’s immune system can help your dog live a longer and healthier life. Find out some of the top reasons why dogs need a daily dose of vitamin D.

Basic Benefits of Vitamin D for Dogs

Dogs and other living creatures need to have a certain amount of vitamin D in their daily diets. Vitamin D helps with the development of strong teeth and bones, helps regular the heart, aids in thyroid function, and helps with blood clotting. Plus, this essential vitamin helps dogs absorb calcium and phosphorous through the digestive system.

A Healthy Heart

Research has shown that dogs need to have enough vitamin D to support optimum heart health. Proper nerve and muscle function rely on the right levels of calcium. Vitamin D helps the body absorb calcium to ensure a healthier heart and nervous system.

Risk for Cancer

A recent study revealed dogs with a vitamin D deficiency might be at a higher of developing cancer. Plus, it was shown that up to 75 percent of dogs do not get enough vitamin D, which means they could be at a risk of developing cancer and other health issues. But how can dogs get the vitamin D they need?

Basking in the Sun and Vitamin D

Unlike humans, dogs cannot absorb ultraviolet light and vitamin D through the skin because of their fur and its oils. When a dog basks in the sun and licks his or her fur, they are getting a dose of Vitamin D from their licking and cleaning. However, this is often not enough to meet their daily requirements.

Too Much of a Good Thing

Vitamin D is a good thing for dogs, but too much can be toxic. It is important to carefully monitor a dog’s intake of vitamin D to reduce the risk of toxicity. A balanced nutritional supplement is the best way to ensure a dog gets the right level of vitamin D each day.

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