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How to Make Your Buck Party Rock and Stay Safe

It can be daunting to organize a buck party, especially with so many people coming and you just want them all to be impressed. What you need to remember though is that it’s not about you or what you like. You may enjoy nude women and unlimited alcohol, but if the buck doesn’t, then things can easily turn into a disaster.

So how can you ensure that the party will be a blast without causing trouble? There’s no telling for sure, but the following basic tips can be your starter kit:

The Guests

Always pick activities for the party based on the people who will be coming. If there will be older men, for instance, adjust your plans so that they too can be entertained.

Ice Breaker

Since there will likely be a lot of invitees who haven’t met in the past, an ice-breaking session before the party kicks off is always a good idea. You can do this any which way you want, but in many parties, they have every guest introduce themselves and tell everyone how they know the bride or groom.

The Alcohol

As alcohol is usually, if not always, a large part of buck parties, it should have an entire section dedicated to it. There’s nothing special to say, however, except that you need to make sure that things start slow. You don’t want people getting drunk and not making it even halfway through the night.

Dare Games

If you’re thinking of having dare games as part of the night’s “program,” do it by all means. But consider how quickly these things can get wild out of control, everyone should be fine with the idea from the beginning.

Staying Connected

As the party’s organizer, it’s a must to keep your cellphone with you wherever you go. You may be no more than a tiny bunch of people going about town, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get separated as the night wears on. Your phone can help you keep everyone close. That kind of distraction is probably the last thing you want in a buck party.

The Bride and the Groom

If you’re thinking of playing a trick on the groom, be a hundred percent sure he can deal with it. Pre-wedding stress and jitters can cause a total loss of humor and just plain ruin the night. It’s not something you should be surprised with.

No matter the details or specifics of your plans, be guided by the above tips. Most importantly, be easy on the groom. He’s got a wedding to attend!

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